Ordered an escort, got my cousin instead

I think escorts in Mansfield are very attractive, and this is why I always get them when I am in Mansfield. However, one time I ordered an escort in Mansfield and who showed up? A relative of mine! Needless to say I was shocked and nothing happen! We talked for about an hour and then went out to eat. The night was very awkward and I didn’t really mention them showing up to my door, as an escort! We acted normal but then I had to ask them how long they have been doing it for? They told me they have been an escort for just a few short months. I found out that they loved being an escort and that they are still doing it to this day. They said it is the best job that they have ever had and I am ok with it. However, I was definitely taken back and shocked when I opened up my door that night and found my cousin standing there.

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